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For the uninitiated who've stumbled on this post... What is a tag fic? A tag fic is a fic started by one person and then added to by different people in a pre-assigned order. Once everyone has completed their portion we end up with a fic written by several writers.

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Title: Requiem Aeternam

Genre: Angst - AU after 5.07 "Requiem"

Summary: You can't save them all.


Disclaimer: Canon characters are the property of DPB, CBS et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 3 Details:

Rating: PG-13, for some coarse language

Word Count: 820

Character(s):  Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, Abby Sciuto,  Ziva David, Donald Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, Jenny Sheperd

A/N:   The clean-up and head-trips begin…

Processing the crime scene went by in a blur after that for Tony.  The next time he began to really think about this whole fucked-up situation was lying in his hospital bed, with a mask and nebulizer treatment pumping into his abused lungs.  It was so much easier to remain professional and go through the motions than to deal with what had actually occurred.  This is probably how he’d ended up in the hospital, to begin with.  When Ducky had strongly suggested he go, he simply went.  It was rather difficult to protest when you were operating on auto-pilot. 

And so here he laid, with nothing but time and thoughts on his hands…a potent mix.  He vaguely wondered if he would be released in time for the funeral.  He wasn’t sure he’d be able to attend, either way.  Some part of his subconscious was still not prepared to deal with the fact that Gibbs was gone.  Gibbs was dead.  He was never coming back this time.

His thoughts turned to his team-mates.  Tim had really manned up and handled everything so well; Tony couldn’t help but puff up with pride for his little probie.  He grimaced and fought through another coughing fit as he imagined the scene that went down in Abby’s lab, after Tim had delivered the news.  He couldn’t help but feel guilty that it didn’t come from him.  Maybe if he’d been using his brain a bit more this afternoon, he would’ve thought to delay the hospital trip until after he’d told her, himself.  He was pretty sure that Abby blamed him.  It was very unlike her to not at least call and check on his condition.  Ah, well…served him right. 

Ziva, on the other hand, pulled a total assassin.  Her initial emotional reaction was quickly covered up, and replaced by her trademark mask of professionalism.  He wasn’t sure if he even interacted with her, after that.  She probably blamed him, too.

And then there was Ducky.  Ducky would have broken his heart, had he one left to break.  He simply arrived on scene, touched Tony’s arm tenderly, then began clucking his tongue and talking in hushed tones to his departed friend.  Tony simply couldn’t stand and listen.  It was too private; he was too much an intruder. 

Jimmy had talked to him, he remembered that much.  Mumbled some crap about Tony being a hero, about having done all he could, about forgiveness.  It was hazy, but Tony wasn’t entirely sure if he was talking about forgiveness from others, or for himself.  No matter, forgiveness was a precious commodity that was not forthcoming for this agent…from anyone, least of all himself.

Ziva entered Jenny’s office and closed the door with a soft click, took a deep breath, then rounded to face the solemn woman behind the large desk.

“Jen.  You needed me?”  Ziva approached with far less confidence than she exuded.

The Director of NCIS pulled off her spectacles, rubbed the bridge of her nose, and kept her eyes closed for a few seconds before pulling her composure around her and looking to her agent, her friend.

“Did you and Agent McGee obtain Agent DiNozzo’s official statement this afternoon before he was transported to the hospital?”

Ziva gave the other woman a confused look before speaking haltingly, “Yes.  McGee is currently finishing the paperwork, since Tony is not here.”  She paused, then, “Why?”

Jenny Sheperd took a deep breath, then turned her back on the other woman in the room, her gaze sweeping the skyline out her window.  “Secretary Davenport wants this wrapped up quickly and cleanly.  It’s no secret that Gibbs was our best agent.  His loss could mean a lot of turmoil for this agency.  And that would only be compounded if the responding agent did not do everything he could to prevent that loss.”  Jenny turned around and crossed her arms, leaning against the file cabinet.  “Do you understand what I’m saying, Ziva?”

The forced mask that Ziva had been carrying all day suddenly deflated, and she fell into the nearest chair at the conference table like a bag of sand.  “Are you…are you saying he blames Tony for this?”

Jenny grimaced and came to sit at the table with the Mossad officer.  “No.  Not yet, anyway.  But, I want to make damn sure he’s not given the chance.”  She put her hand over the other woman’s, “It’s also no secret that Gibbs was off the grid this morning.  If this isn’t handled with the utmost professionalism and protocol, not only could Tony face consequences, but also…” She pulled her hand away and sat up straighter in her chair.  “Jethro will not be given the farewell that all of us who loved him know he deserves.”

Ziva’s posture straightened to mirror her friend’s.  “I see.”

The red-head arched her eyebrow at the agent.  “We don’t have a lot of time.  Let’s do this right.”

Your turn, kytivafan/dragonheart!

I do not personally have a DW account, but the other lovely authors in this tag-fic will crosspost there!

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Another marvelous instalment! I just love the way everyone is running with my crazy idea!

You nailed Jenny, BTW - I can actually see the scene playing out in my mind, just as if it was canon.

Well done! Can't wait to read Kathi's continuation...

(Are your computer woes over now?)

They are indeed! It just took me awhile to crank this out, because I had forgotten the season 5 "feel," so I went back and re-watched my DVDs to get the mood right...LOL!

Wow - that's dedication for you! Well, it paid off, because you definitely captured the feel of those episodes.

BTW, I love all the self-deprecation Tony's inflicting on himself. That's exactly what I envisioned when I came up with the idea.

Don't forget to send Lent over to Kathi for inspiration. That bunny sure gets around! LOL

Edited at 2012-06-19 04:48 pm (UTC)

Although, at this point in the season, Jeanne had already made her first exit, and Tony had already made his choice. Requiem also occurred before either Designated Target or Internal Affairs or Recoil. God, it's absolutely ridiculous how all-over-the-place this season was. I never realized how insane it was until going back and re-watching.

Yeah, I got my timelines muddled up - added that bit about Jeanne, then realized she was gone by then, and deleted it again. Forgot that she was back again after this, so they still could potentially run into each other at the hospital.


yeah, seasons 4 and 5 are not my favorites - I mostly give them a pass whenever they are showing on USA.

I may need Lent back for a few days ... I've written only a handful of words this month, and I'm tempted to see what he can come up with.

yay! this was great (and you were worried - pfft!). I loved the scene between Jenny and Ziva and Tony's head trips are certainly realistic.

You sparked a couple of ideas for my dragon muse to mull over - now to decide which direction I want to go...*ponders*... as they take the story in two totally different directions.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Does Linnie work well with bunnies? I don't think Lent is afraid of dragons...;)

He eats dragons for breakfast ... well, at least it's dragon shaped cereal ...

LOL - I just made my post and then saw yours ---

Linnie is totally a veggies only Dragon - Lent has nothing to fear from him. If anything Linnie might be just a teensy afraid of Lent (that bunny has teeth!)

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